Banana, almond and goji berry porridge

This recipe isn’t strictly sugar-free, as are most of the other recipes I’ve posted: bananas pack quite a sugary punch, and so do the goji berries, a dried fruit. However, if eaten with an otherwise low-sugar diet, I don’t think half a banana and a handful of dried berries will hurt.

On the plus side, this porridge is chock-full of energising foods – this breakfast is definitely perfect if you’re off to a very busy morning and need a good energy boost!

Serves 1

Ingredients: 30g oats

225ml milk (oat, almond, dairy – my favorite is almond milk)

1/2 tsp vanilla powder

Half a banana, cut into slices

1/2 tbsp of goji berries

10 almonds

1. Heat oats, vanilla powder and milk of your choice in a pot over medium heat for five minutes, stirring occasionally.

2. Take off the heat, pour in a bowl and add banana slices, almonds and goji berries.

3. Enjoy!

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