Quinoa patties

Last week, I posted about Quinoa bowls – a definite new go-to for me – and I advised you to make big batches of quinoa to keep in the fridge for when the desire to eat a delicious bowl of fresh veg and quinoa struck.

Now, if you’re like me, you followed this advice to the letter and ended up with LOADS of quinoa in the fridge. And as delicious as quinoa bowls are, you, like me, need VARIETY. Eating the same exact thing 24/7 gets pretty old.

So, I came up with a new way to use my pre-cooked quinoa – with a little help from a friend and a few other bloggers: I decided to make quinoa patties.

As inspiration for these lovely little patties, I used Green Kitchen Stories’ recipe for Spinach & Quinoa Patties. However, I didn’t have all the exact ingredients, so I did something I’m getting pretty good at these days: I substituted. Kale for spinach, ricotta for feta cheese. Frankly, it worked pretty well, which makes me think you can make your own recipe for quinoa patties quite easily if you respect the general balance of ingredients. Don’t like feta, or ricotta? Use another type of cheese.

Makes approximately 12 patties


2 1/2 cups of pre-cooked quinoa

80g oats

200g ricotta

100g kale, stems removed, roughly chopped

A handful of parsley, chopped

4 eggs

1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl until it forms a dough. Cover and put in the fridge until you want to cook your patties.


2.Just before cooking, form small, round and flattened patties with the dough.


3. Heat some coconut oil in a pan. When hot, add the patties. Cook for a few minutes on each side.


4. When cooked, serve on a plate with a dollop of greek yoghurt and some fresh vegetables.


5. Enjoy!

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