Scallop, orange and baby leaf salad

Having a dinner party? Want to impress a guest with a fancy starter? Try this salad on for size: easy as pie to make and never fails to make an impression! The orange dressing is zingy and sweet, while the scallops are soft (and delicious) and add a lovely elegant touch to the dish.

This is actually not my recipe: it’s my maternal grandmother’s. Grandparents have so much cooking wisdom to share, don’t they? I’m actually thinking of starting a “Family recipes” page to share some of my family’s cooking secrets. In any case, I discovered this scallop salad when my grandmother served it at a family dinner a few years ago and have been obsessed with it since. Tell me what you think of it if you try it!

Serves 2


1 1/2 oranges

10 medium scallops or 20 small scallops

Baby leaf salad

Olive oil



Coconut oil

1. Grate the first orange and keep the zest in a small bowl. Slice off the peel with a knife and slice the orange into wedges. Put aside. Juice the leftover orange half and strain the juice in with the zest.

2. Add some olive oil, salt and pepper to the orange juice and zest mixture to finish off your dressing.

3. In a pan, melt some extra virgin coconut oil. When hot, fry scallops on both sides until golden.

4. Plate up your salad by layering washed baby leaf salad, orange wedges and fried scallops. Spoon on some dressing and serve.

5. Enjoy!


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