“J’ai décidé d’être heureux parce que c’est bon pour la santé”

It’s been a little more than two weeks since I decided to go ahead with my blog project seriously, and I feel like it is time for a little explanation as far as my motivations for creating it go. 

This quote goes a long way to explain how I feel about this project: “I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health.” This is a key concept for my blog.

As I state in my About page, my relationship with food hasn’t always been easy. I went through a rather difficult period when I was younger, during my teenage years. I had problems with body image, and instead of striving to be healthier, I started to fast. Which then lead to bingeing, then more fasting, more bingeing…well, you get the picture.

My weight dropped, went back up, dropped again, yo-yoed. It wasn’t the greatest time for me, and I was very unhappy during that entire period. And even after I managed to find a certain balance, that unhappy and unhealthy mindset stayed part of my life. I often found myself at extremes when it came to eating habits and exercise : exercising for hours daily or eating less than 1000 kcals a day, counting every single calorie I ate, cutting out food groups… 

After years of this unhealthy mindset, I decided it was time for a change – a real change. I chose to stop worrying about my weight, my waistline, how much I exercise daily, how much weight I lose. I decided to focus on finding balance, finding peace, and learning to love myself.

I say chose, but I suppose it’s more complicated than that. Some days, I still worry. I still weigh myself and wonder whether the number could be lower, get frustrated if my jeans ever feel tight and even feel guilty if I eat something I know doesn’t fit my standards of health.

But the difference, today, is that I can look at myself and know that it isn’t important. My weight does not define me. Neither does my body, or what I ate that day. I exercise for health and for pleasure, not because I would feel guilty otherwise.

Today, I have managed to change my life, and I am happier for it. I can now cook and eat for pleasure, and for health. I chose HAPPINESS over PERFECTION, and strive everyday to accept myself as I am, to better myself where I can, because I want to, and not because I feel forced to by the standards imposed by certain industries or society.

I want my blog to reflect my love of food, my new mindset, my journey to health, happiness and balance. I hope you can all see this reflected in my posts – and I hope it can inspire you to be healthier, body and soul, and show anyone going through something similar that there can be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ll leave you with this: health and happiness aren’t unattainable. They can be a choice, if you allow them to be. Make that choice. Make a few changes, little by little. And most importantly, believe in yourself. It can take time, but it gets easier. And it will leave you happier. Believe me 😉

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