Tea discoveries of the week


I’m very curious about different genres and types of tea and often can’t resist buying new varieties of tea I find stocked in my local health store. If you’re looking for a new tea to try out, here are my latest tea purchases:


Clipper Organic White Tea

I haven’t really been drinking white tea for long, but I am most definitely a convert – its light and refreshing flavour is something I’ve never tasted in tea before. Unlike many black teas, white tea is very subtle, with a somewhat flowery taste, and best enjoyed on its own.

I’ve started drinking it when I come home from work (that or green tea), to unwind, as I find it very soothing and its low caffeine content is perfect for a late cup of tea.

I found it in my local Asda supermarket, believe it or not, so I don’t think it would be hard to find. Here it is online all the same, or at least almost the same one I bought, with less tea bags.


Pukka Supreme Matcha Green Tea

I’ve had matcha tea before, but often find the taste a little bitter for my liking, especially types which are already bagged rather than their powdered counterparts. This one  I decided to try because I’ve come to enjoy Pukka teas and wanted to test the waters. I wasn’t disappointed.

The very distinct, strong Matcha flavour was present, but pleasant, and in no way overpoweringly bitter.  Be careful to use hot rather than boiling water to infuse this tea, as boiling water will only exarcerbate the bitterness of green tea.

Here’s where you can find it online – I found mine at my local health store, in Rugby (UK), and there’s a chance it could be stocked at Wholefoods in London for example.


Clipper Organic Apple and Ginger Infusion

I love this Clipper infusion and it’s becoming my go-to when I feel sluggish in the middle of the afternoon. I’ve always loved Apple tea, ever since I had it in Istanbul when I was six, but the addition of ginger here adds a real zing to this drink which I find both delicious and energising! Despite being an apple infusion, it isn’t overpoweringly sweet or tart – I would say it’s just right. A real find and truly enjoyable cuppa.

I found it in my local health store once again, but I know they stock it in Wholefoods, in London, and I believe I’ve found it at Tesco’s as well! Here‘s where to get it online just in case.

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