My healthy eating inspirations

I thought it was time to share the cookbooks I get a lot of my cooking inspiration from. I keep referring to them in my blog posts (when I use them, that is) and I owe both them and you a little book review 😉

I think that learning to cook is a lifelong process, and taking inspiration from different sources is a great way of stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. These five cookbooks have all, in their own way, motivated me to try something different, cook in a different way and change my eating habits for the better – hope they inspire you in the same way!

So, without further ado, here’s my top 5 healthy eating inspirations:


The Art of Eating WellJasminIMG_3289e and Melissa Hemsley 

One of my main inspirations these days, and the first one I open when I have no idea what to have for dinner. Everything in this book is wholesome, from the ethos to the recipes. I love the way these girls eat, using healthy, hearty ingredients, back-to-your-roots cooking and providing down-to-earth advice on how to cook, plan your meals in advance, and be healthy whilst getting the most nutrition out of your food. I love everything about this cookbook and the principles it follows: a great read!

IMG_3287I Quit SugarSarah Wilson

This is the first book I read that turned me towards sugar-free eating. It’s a great starting point for this type of life change: it’s to the point, easy to understand, and offers some great advice on how to get started with a step-by-step 8-week detox program and a tasty collection of sugar-free recipes. I really enjoyed reading this book and referred back to it a lot when I first began to eat sugar-free.

IMG_2068I particularly liked these little easily-remembered  tips, which you find dotted across the book and make going sugar-free way easier! This particular piece of advice was particularly interesting when it came to buying any type of processed food in store.


I Quit Sugar for Life, Sarah Wilson

Meanwhile, this second cookbook by Sarah Wilson gives handy tips and shares delicious recipes for those who want extra guidance to continue their sugar-free journey after the initial “detox” phase. I used this second cookbook less than the first, but was happy for the extra advice! The recipes are well-thought out, with a “3 Ways With…” category great for those of us not yet well-versed in sustainable, no-waste cooking and using up ALL of your ingredients. Definitely a good read after the first installation.

IMG_3283 The Guilt-free Gourmet, Jordan and Jessica Bourke

I bought this book a few month ago and absolutely loved it! I personally don’t cook without dairy or gluten as a general rule, but was curious about the sugar-free aspect the recipes offered (and although I eat both dairy products and gluten, I don’t believe a dish has to include either to be delicious). I wasn’t disappointed! The recipes are well-presented, easy to make and very appetising. Also, every recipe includes a little note about the star ingredient and its main therapeutic qualities, a detail I absolutely love! I especially like the Comfort Food and Foods from Afar categories of the book, which inspired me to make Bibimbap and healthier version of family classic, like Sweet Potato Dauphinoise.

One small downside: I don’t really like using Agave syrup, and this is the sugar replacement used in this book’s recipes. However, it’s easy to substitute agave with Rice Malt Syrup, so this is a bit of a non-issue, really.


Deliciously EllaElla Woodward

I love the inspiration for this cookbook:  Ella Woodward’s diet is entirely plant-based and revolves around her quest to manage her health through her diet.  I’m all for therapeutic recipes, and all of Deliciously Ella’s creations are like this – Zucchini Noodles with Minted Avocado Sauce,   Sweet Potato Cakes,  a billion delicious salad recipes…

The one downside, for me? Entirely plant-based  cooking. I’m not sure I could make it through the week without dairy products: I am French, after all! The love of yoghurt, cream and cheese was instilled in me very young! 😉

On a good friend’s advice, I am currently looking at Honestly Healthy and Honestly Healthy for Life, two cookbooks based on eating an alkaline diet – that is to say, focused mainly on non acid-forming foods or foods with a pH greater than 7 (otherwise called alkalising foods). This makes most of their recipes plant-based, with some exceptions. Definitely worth a look from what I can see.

Have any of you used these cookbooks? What did you think of them?

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