Tea discoveries of the week – Palais des Thés

IMG_3421During my weekend in Bordeaux, I probably spent almost an hour in the Palais des Thés tea shop located Cours de l’Intendance, in the centre of this lovely French town. Now, as I may have mentioned, I’m a bit tea fan, especially the blends made by French tea houses, and this place was like a dream.

Massive pots of tea everywhere, which they pull out for you to smell.

Smaller pots with little samples in front you can take a whiff of too.

IMG_3420Now, you know me, resisting tea is not my strong suit. I wanted to taste every tea in the store, if not simply buy the entire store! Which I would if I could – or at least build a room just like it in my house, with shelves on every wall and each of them full of massive pots of tea, like a wine cellar, but for tea – anybody else with me?


The walls of my tea cellar would look a little something like this

Anyway, as a good, self-respecting tea addict, I bought three different types of loose leaf tea, which I am so excited to share with you guys! They’re all quite fresh and absolutely perfect for spring and summer:

Tea n°1: Thé du Hammam

IMG_3450This tea is a blend of Chinese green tea with a touch of rose, date, orange blossom and red berries, inspired from a Turkish recipe. I knew I had to try this tea as soon as I took a whiff of its sweet fragrance. It is fresh, delicate and well-balanced, and absolutely perfect as an afternoon tea, post-lunch, when you feel like have a touch of sweetness.

Infuse for 3 minutes with warm (70°-75°C), not boiling, water – this would bring out bitterness in the tea.

Tea n°2: Thé des Songes Blanc (white tea)

IMG_3455This delicate white tea is going to be one of my highlights of spring: its light flavour also incorporates orange blossom, rose and red berries, as the tea above, but doesn’t have the same sweetness. Hints of strawberry and safflower petals make it a very enjoyable drink, which I’ll be drink both warm and iced, on lazy afternoons when I truly have time to enjoy it.

Infuse for 5 to 7 minutes in warm to boiling water (up to 95°C) for best results.

Tea n°3: Jardin Suspendu

IMG_3452This last tea isn’t actually a tea per se: its an infusion bringing together apple and orange, flowers and a hint of mango and bergamot. You wouldn’t believe how heavenly this blend smells, and it tastes even better! I can’t wait to infuse this as an iced tea on a warm summer’s eve!

Infuse 4 to 5 minutes in warm to boiling water (up to 95°C) for a warm infusion, or for 40 minutes in cold water for an iced version.

IMG_3429Oh, and look how beautiful these reusable tea canisters are! These metallic canister are especially designed to store tea and have a double lid, making them even more effective. I couldn’t resist getting these Japanese textile and kimono print-inspired Washi boxes: the paper they’re covered in comes straight from Kyoto, and reminded me of origami paper, which I am a bit obsessed with these days.

If you’re interested in checking out this brand and these teas further, here’s a link to the Palais des Thés website, and more specifically to the different teas I’ve showcased in this post:

Thé du Hammam                    Thé des Songes Blanc                    Jardin Suspendu

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