April 1st

We are just a few months away from summer and it feels like that time of the year again: time to get IN SHAPE! And I am ready to jump on the bandwagon.

The truth is, for the past two years, exercise hasn’t been easy for me, and I admit, I haven’t made the necessary effort to make it past the physical hurdle facing me – more on that in a later post. I’ve tried to start being regular again but have found it difficult, always trying to push too hard, too fast and hurting myself, or going off track and giving up in some way.

Anyway, I have decided to give it another shot: starting today, I will be reintroducing exercise into my daily routine by doing Blogilates’ Flat Abs Challenge, Butt Lift Challenge, Thigh Slimming Challenge and Sleek Arms Challenge simultaneously.


30 Day Flat Abs Challenge


30 Day Butt Lift Challenge


30 Day Sleek Arms Challenge


30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge

I love Blogilates’ Cassey Ho: she is so motivating and fun, and makes it easy to enjoy exercise! Her videos have been such a life-saver to me in the past when I felt like exercising at home.

My intent is to tone up and work on getting stronger and fitter, along with reintroducing regular low-impact cardio like swimming. I believe if I start doing this regularly I can start doing medium to high impact sports like running again. Fingers crossed (and sports shoes laced 😉 ).

What’s your fit for summer routine?

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