Brunch in Bordeaux

So as I said last Friday, I spent last weekend in Bordeaux, France. It wasn’t the greatest time to be in the south of France, to be honest: grey skies, light rain – a far cry from the blue skies and heat I was expecting! No real change from the English rain, apart from the slightly warmer temperature.

However, it was refreshing to be elsewhere, to be in such a lovely French city and to be with a friend. And what’s the best thing to do with friends?


We looked it up: there are a lot of places to have brunch in Bordeaux. We sought the best value for money, but the prices did not differ much between 17 and 25 euros. So, we went to a small café my friend knew called Plume (meaning feather), situated in the centre of Bordeaux on rue de Cheverus.

We arrived at 10:00 on Sunday morning, and we were the first there: the small café was empty, filled only with nostalgic thirties music and two staff. The place was charming and small, with no more than 20 tables and a large counter displaying lovely fresh foods, cheeses, bottles of organic fizzy drinks and mountains of fresh lemon muffins.

IMG_3442 IMG_3444

We were sat by a lovely, sun-bathed window and ordered the brunch menu, accompanied by a green tea with fresh ginger and a white tea with pomegranate. As we waited for our order, the small café filled up very quickly. Within minutes, the room was full: good thing we came early, half an hour later we may have had trouble snagging a seat!


Our brunch arrived quite quickly, and my goodness was it appetising! Two moist cranberry scones, a lemon and pineapple muffin, butter and strawberry jam, homemade bread and Basque ewe cheese, fromage blanc (which is somewhat like greek yoghurt, only better ^^), amazing granola with fresh fruit, a fresh vegetable salad, baked beans and *cold* scrambled eggs.

Yes, cold.

They were seriously delicious.


I couldn’t finish it all, but I enjoyed every little bit of it, and took a scone and a delicious muffin back home for dinner. For 20€, this brunch was well worth it – if I’m ever back in Bordeaux, I am definitely going back! And if you are, I seriously encourage you to try this brunch on for size: you won’t be disappointed!

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