Skinnymint Teatox verdict

After doing Skinnymint’s 28-day Teatox during the month of March, here are, as promised, my final thoughts on this product:

Taste – Taste-wise, no negatives on my part. The Morning Boost green tea was delicious, fresh and fruity, a perfect tea to wake me up in the morning. The Night Cleanse infusion was pleasant, despite using some of my least favourite flavours, lemongrass and liquorice – if anything, it managed to reconcile me with them!

Effects – This product boasts detoxifying and weight-loss effects (if combined with clean eating) without making any particular efforts on the side. Personally, despite eating clean on most days and living an overall pretty healthy lifestyle, I didn’t particularly experience either of those.

  • As I’ve pointed out before, I don’t really believe in detox as I think our bodies are designed to deal with waste perfectly fine on their own – I do, however, believe in minimising the crap that goes into your body, and I think the way I eat has more to do with that than a tea.
  • As for the weight-loss effects, I think you’d have to be eating clean and exercising regularly to see any effects. Whether this tea contributes or not is doubtful.

Verdict –  For £32.90 for a four-week programme, I find this teatox rather expensive and I don’t think I’ll be purchasing it again, despite the fact that I love their morning tea. HOWEVER, if we’re going to be mentioning price, I have to say that most teatox programmes are ridiculously expensive – Skinnymint, Bootea and Fruiteatox are all in the £30-£35 range, while Skinny Tea‘s 4-week teatox costs £49.95!!

My advice? Buy a really nice loose leaf green tea blend for the morning (I’m currently drinking Palais des Thés’s Thé du Hammam, described here), and Pukka Herb’s Detox or Cleanse teas for the evening. Ultimately, this would cost you less and still have the same antioxidant and detox effects boasted by any of these programmes.

Have any of you done a teatox before? Any thoughts?

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