Enjoying a bit of Nature

I’ve gone down to Surrey for the weekend to spend some time with The Boy on this wonderfully sunny weekend. I never get much of a chance to cook there or work on new recipes – for one thing, it’s not my kitchen and for another, I don’t have a lot of the tools or ingredients I would normally use.

However, I get to enjoy nature and its produce in a different way: The Boy is a horticulturist, so when I come here I can try my hand at a little gardening!

Last time I came here, we sowed some courgette, shallot and physallis (inca berry) seeds which we shall plant once it’s warmer out and they’ve sprouted – I cannot wait to eat/cook with the fruits of our labour, courgette flowers especially! They are so delicious and near impossible to buy anywhere. I’m hoping to be posting courgette flower recipes all summer!

One of the Physallis seeds just sprouted today, I am such a proud mama 😉

This time around, we (he) planted some new plants outside – a few ferns and euphorbias and others whose names I’ve already forgotten but can’t wait to see grow!

He arranged the plants and put them in the ground – he’s got the experience and I enjoy watching him work far too much, with the obligatory cup of tea in my hands, of course!

See the end result below: I do hope these plants flourish. I can’t wait to see what they look like in a few weeks’ time!

It feels really great to spend some time outside getting your hands dirty and learning a new skill (albeit slowly). Whether it’s to go for a walk, exercise, just get some sun or garden, I love being out and in contact with Nature on beautiful days like these!

What did you all do this weekend? Any memorable outdoor experiences?

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