The Frenchie is back

Sooo….I’m back!

Sorry for the long lull – life has simply been CrAzY these past three weeks and I just haven’t been able to keep up with the blog.

Between organising my upcoming move, a new work placement in a primary school, getting an operation and travelling back to France, I’ve just been all over the place..

Despite all of this, I’ve still been eating delicious, healthy food – there just hasn’t been much time to work on new recipes.

But I have, however, been having some of my ultimate favorite foods:

1. Super soupSuper soup – The week after my operation, I didn’t feel particularly great; I also very much didn’t feel up to cooking. This soup was an absolute life-saver: I made a batch of it before the operation and just had to reheat a portion whenever I got hungry.

I also made a version of this soup with peas and coriander – it was delicious! 

IMG_38152. Baked sweet potato with feta chipotle cream and chorizo – This is such a simple option for dinner and I don’t think I will ever tire of it! Although the SP takes a while to cook (30-40 minutes), preparation time for this recipe is under ten minutes. No need to slave away in the kitchen to make something this scrumptious!

Avocado toast

3. Avocado toast – I love avo toast so much I could have it at breakfast, lunch and dinner! It was a great reward this past weekend after my particularly hard week at work. I added some crispy streaky bacon to the mix this time as well – mmm.


4. Roasted sweet potato fajitas – I spent a week working in a primary school last week and, believe me, it was exhausting! These fajitas were a great pick-me-up when lunch came around – and, as an added bonus, making one big batch of roasted veg at the beginning of the week lasted me all five lunches!

IMG_4373I haven’t just eaten my own concoctions and creations, however : I took some time to go visit my family in France and ate some of my mother’s wonderful cooking, including but not limited to her stunning apricot tart, which I never managed to get a full picture of despite the fact she made it twice because it just disappears so quickly.

With her permission, however, the recipe will be posted shortly.

Oh, and…


Can’t wait to share my favorite summer recipes with you.

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