Making it through the summer – moving, stress and trying to be healthy

So, after a lame and failed attempt to come out of my blogging stupor about a few weeks ago, here I am, actually back to the blogosphere with some new recipes to post and tales about my recent life changes.

Summer, as it turns out, isn’t necessarily that chill.

Even when you’re waiting for uni to start in September and hence, technically, on holiday.

Although I’d comment that without a home to call your own, it’s kind of hard to relax.

For the past few weeks, I have been up to a bunch of stuff: I moved out, went to a WEDDING (Congratulations again, Sarah and Robin!), found a new flat for next year (finally!), and visited my family for a week in Normandy.

And am currently squatting my boyfriend’s house before we can move in, in about three weeks’ time.

The whole moving business definitely took more from me than I thought it would, probably because I had to move out of my house and had nowhere to go that I could call my own. Visiting a chain of cluttered, dirty flats (that we could afford) and lovely, spacious flats (that we couldn’t) didn’t exactly help, and I’ve got to admit I felt a bit hopeless for the first few weeks of July.

BUT we have now found a lovely, spacious and AFFORDABLE place to live next year and that has taken some of the pressure off. YAY.

Alright, so, time for some honesty: recent stress has definitely not helped me, the supposed HEALTHY Frenchie, feel or act healthy in any way.

Unfortunately, I tend to act out when I’m stressed – either eating everything in sight or as little as possible and feeding on body negativity.

Kind of the reason why I haven’t felt up to posting recently. Feels wrong to talk about nutrition and healthy living when I can’t live up to my own standards.

BUT, I am now back on the healthy track, ready to discover new recipes and enjoy the rest of the summer, stress-free.

My last salad creation and upcoming recipe:


Smoked salmon, boiled new potato, shallot, radicchio, frisée and lamb’s lettuce salad with a soft-boiled egg

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